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Approving Artis.survivorsucks

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I work hard and I play hard.
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Tree Government
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Let me tell you the story of when I discovered I was lactose intolerant. It was a crisp November day, I was ten, and I was experimenting with an anti-fire-tongue formula to counteract the Tim's Cascade Jalapeno chips I was eating. I settled on a solution: EGGNOG. That day I felt the wrath of gluttony like never before...
Rank the Survivor seasons w/ returnee's based on how it +/- impacted the returnee's storyline and/or legacy: 9) S26: Caramoan 8) S16: Fans vs Favs 7) S8: Allstars 6) S22: Redemption Island 5) S20: HvV 4) S23: South Pacific 3) S11: Guatemala 2) S27: BvW 1) S25: Philippines
Favorite Music:
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Bravery Repetition Noise Daft Punk: Discovery / Alive 2007 Deep Dish: George is On The Streets: A Grand Don't Come for Free Modest Mouse: The Moon and Antarctica God Lives Underwater: Life in the So Called Space Age
Favorite TV Shows:
Survivor Da Ali G Show Garth Marenghi's Dark Place Tom Goes to the Mayor Strangers with Candy Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job Superjail Man to Man with Dean Learner Louis Theroux Ian Curtis
Favorite Movies:
Babe Babe 2 Labyrinth In Bruges
Favorite Books:
White Oleander 100 Years of Solitude Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.
Favorite Quotes:
"There is always madness in love but there is always reason in madness." -Nietzche

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